Patience: A Christmas Shopping Virtue

Patience: A Christmas Shopping Virtue

The Christmas season is upon us and with that comes a whole lot of shopping for some folks. In my mind there are three types of shoppers.

  1. Ms. or Mr. Year-Round Shopper who by the time December comes is finished gift buying.
  2. Online Select and Save Savvy Shopper who proudly receives everything to their door or parcel pickup station.
  3. Store Hopping Christmas Shopper who navigates the malls to check off various wish lists.

No matter which shopping style we choose it might be helpful to remind ourselves to exercise patience.

There is no doubt that we will encounter full parking lots and distracted shoppers walking straight into our path. We can all expect that line ups will be longer and what we wanted to purchase may not be in stock.

There will be seasonal staff, who were likely hired and trained rather quickly, which means they might not be able to assist as well as seasoned store employees. Consider the long hours people work and the pressure people feel, financially and emotionally, when they try to meet the needs of family.

How about if we support each other by choosing a different way to respond to Christmas shopping?

  • Manage our time in a way that allows for all the challenges that might complicate our day
  • Flex our patience muscle
  • Take deep breaths and resist the urge to take our frustrations out on someone else
  • Put a smile on your face so those happy endorphins are triggered in the brain
  • Remember the importance of civility whether dealing with a person by phone or in person

Let’s change the frantic energy that often takes over Christmas and choose to move with intention and peace.

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