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After my disappointing search for Jeans one day, I was not deterred. I went out to my favourite consignment store in White Rock and tried another pair of designer jeans on for size. They fit! Not only in waist size but length too. A comfortable, but stylish black top with a little flair for the casual  evening out, complimented the jeans.

It is always good to have a positive shopping experience and more often than not I find that in consignment stores. We have four in the White Rock area and each offer a good selection of gently worn clothes and shoes.

Take II Consignment is one of my favourites;  the owner is particular about the clothes that are consigned, you rarely look at a piece and think “This has been worn before.” Also, she makes it a joy to shop there, very welcoming. It is in the older area of White Rock but don’t let the exterior fool you, it has plenty of clothes for women of all ages.

Turnabout Clothing Consignment is widely known in Vancouver, with a large store located on Granville Street.(a premiere area to shop for classy clothes and furnishings) It also has a second location in Vancouver plus one in South Surrey. I like the shopping experience downtown and when I’m feeling more inclined, I will take a trip to Granville for my retail therapy. Very near Turnabout on Granville there is another consignment store, they too offer top fashions, prices are still high on some items but well worth it.

What is not so good, at least at the one in South Surrey, is their insistence that you as a consignee provide enough clothing to net you $200. (Translation to net them $200 plus) What is frustrating is that every season it is very hard to find that much in the way of clothes that are ready for release. I have only once been able to muster enough clothes to appease their policy. I tried twice more and I can tell you there was a huge pile of clothes that went from my closet, to store and then back in my car again. Some of the clothing has been bought from their store only a season before, most not worn by me at all but still it was difficult to reach that magic number! They can want some of your pieces but their own policy can make consignees like me go elsewhere.

Rewind has just opened up in this area and they have a very upscale/stylish store that incorporates both clothes and furnishings for consignment. Lighting needs to be improved as it tends to be a little dark but I have noticed some really unique pieces and loved the sweater I picked up, it fits nicely around the waist and can be worn with tights, pants or skirt. This beautiful black and white coat will look great with both casual or dressy wear. (This coat was only $40, the sweater $10)

There is one other store in town I won’t mention as I can’t quite endorse it. On more than one occasion since it changed owners I have gone into the store only to hear her saying to her customers “I have to run an errand so I will be back later” or it just wasn’t open at all. Clothing may be good but the professionalism is lacking. (Update: It’s closed)

In Vancouver and throughout the lower mainland there are so many wonderful shops with consigned clothing and furniture. I’m hard pressed to find a reason not to try them, a wise person once said “Let someone else pay the full price, I will be happy to pay half or less for it later.”

I couldn’t agree more. Many items still have the tags and given the shopaholics out there, many more may have been worn once and forgotten. It is a great way to recycle our clothes, make some money when you consign (or credit for the next must have) and usually any unwanted clothes a consignee doesn’t want is sent to Women’s Centres. Either way we are helping each other when we buy, sell or pass along items through these stores and in this economy a dime saved or gained is a good thing.

Happy Shopping!


Turnabout Clothing

Take II Consignment


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  1. Thank you – I will provide a link on site because I know we’ve got some consignment store seekers checking my shopping experiences out! 🙂

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