Small Wedding with Big Plans

No matter how you cut it even a small wedding takes time to plan.

It has been incredibly hard to find enough hours in the day to work on various projects and then add in oh…..a wedding! Balancing life, work and wedding organization is a challenge, delegating out some key pieces has become necessary. This is something I have always advocated for people to do and it is at that point where I will be taking my own advice. Time is ticking and even my confidence to pull everything together is weakening.  It’s nothing major just that all consuming thought that I am forgetting some crucial detail and staring up at the ceiling at night going over the “to do” list.

Blogging is going to have to slow down right now, so be prepared for smaller posts. If you have topic of interest you think we should talk about let me know. A little dialogue among blog friends would be a healthy retreat. Guest blogger welcomed.

I will of course, when all is said and done, be writing on my wedding experience. Nothing too “girly”, just maybe some information that may be helpful to the 40+ bride and some “Aha!” moments.  So, stay tuned and keep checking back there will be more to come.

2 Responses to Small Wedding with Big Plans

  1. We are sorry that we cannot be there on your big official joining of lives day/wedding.
    Your chosen date came in the middle of our pre booked Scottish holiday cottage dates. So we will be thinking of you as we watch the waves break on a different shore to yours.

    Sixteen years ago, I too, was an over 40 bride, who also chose a small wedding. Ours was in a wooden church, on a ranch on a hill, in Vernon.
    Small, intimate, weddings in a relaxed setting,are the best and give the bride and groom time and space to really enjoy the day with a minimum of fuss… shared with a chosen handful of people.

    So far my kids have followed suit, with that style of wedding..Hope to see you this year sometime?
    May God bless your day!

  2. You will be missed at the celebration, but I thank you so much for the well wishes.

    I’m happy that our day will be an intimate setting just like yours and look forward to not being the ever disappearing bride and groom. Given the setting we can be there for everyone.

    You will be recognized as it is important that good friends near and far are honored! Cheers!

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