Sunshine & Happy Faces

Though there are always those grumpy pants walking about that complained about the winter cold, the downpour of rains and now the heat wave, all I see is sunshine and happy faces. We are experiencing the beauty associated with summer and I say drink it up.

Today I put on a summer dress and shoes, got in my sun loving car and made my way first to a friends house. She was repainting her living room/dining space and we had a great visit as always. We mix our conversations up with a full cup of humor, a pound of life experience, several dashes of laughter, a sprinkling of philosophy and spoonful of spirituality. The spirituality is not in the traditional sense, but more a sacred connection and thirst for knowledge she and I enjoy exploring. We chat about her exceptional daughter and share jokes about our significant others. Oh come on, if you can’t laugh about them…

Then I went on to meet up with two fabulous women who are wedding planners/managers. I tell you just being in the same space with them is a treat. I will keep their names out of this but I’m working on having them speak about their unique job and expertise in the future. I was saying ” I don’t know why anyone would not hire a wedding manager?” A little money in that direction can go a long way towards peace of mind and enjoyment of the day. I will save all my praise for this service for another time when I hopefully introduce them to each of you. I’m in good hands for, yes..”my” upcoming wedding.

Our meeting over cold drinks on a hot day, hearkens back to what I was saying in another post about being pleasantly surprised when we meet new people.  One of these ladies I had met once before; it was very natural and so uplifting to walk into Starbucks and begin to speak with each other effortlessly.

There are good days filled with sunshine and happy faces and this was one of them. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m thankful for every piece of music that accompanied my driving, the warm hugs, the stimulating/fun conversation and the best of the best to share in my day.

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