The more things change

Recently,the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same” was very apropos. Years can pass by but still in more ways than one, nothing has really changed. It is evident in long standing institutions and in people.

The same attitudes and beliefs that hold an individual back resurface exactly as they have time and time again. Expecting different results but using the exact thinking and speech that has kept them at arms length from so many aspects of life, love and learning. If they go to the right people for support they will be shown the path toward healthy change or better perspective. If they go to the wrong people, all they find is people of like mind who are accustom to the dumping ground for all their own frustration and confusion. Anyone who enjoys the thought of always being right goes there, easier to be around the already converted.

I see this from time to time in myself, friends, family and clients; the struggle for self fulfillment, forward movement and understanding while caught in old thinking. I go to those that have the ability to fully support me, I always get gems of wisdom to work with. When I am with clients I seek to provide the same compassion and genuine support for them. We are much more open to change when treated respectfully.

Institutions can fall squarely in the realm of more things changing but still staying the same. Continuing to talk about ideas and necessary outcomes while employing the same logic that has been messing up the system from the beginning. Small gains by the front line workers are over-shadowed by bureaucratic nonsense. It is no wonder we get frustrated on so many levels when you can see the wheels aren’t moving as fast as they should.

So, where am I going with this deep reflection…no where. Everything is exactly as it is, through your eyes or mine we will see change and interpret it very differently. It only becomes frustrating when you think you have forward progress in personal, world or business situations only to find they still live exactly as they did before. How utterly disappointing!

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  1. Way back in the mid 1850’s two women were born , who changed the world.
    One was born into a world of privilege and a title in addition she was the daughter of the Poet BYRON. Her mother was determined to ensure that her mathamatical talents were encouraged and fostered, although she had also inherited her father’s poetic & romantic traits.
    Surprisingly this woman ADA BYRON LOVELACE became the Mother of Computing. Without her the modern computer, statistics, calculating and computer analysis, may not have happened.

    Also around the 1850’s MARIE CURIE was born in Poland and worked with enhancing knowledge of radioactive elements and how we could harness them for medical purposes…Women before their time, who earned a place in history, through dedication and hard work. We owe them much.

  2. Thank you for that. Marie Curie has been someone I have taken quite an interest in. I hadn’t heard about her in school and one day a few years back I was introduced to her name and contribution. I was proud. Proud of her contribution, saddened by her death and happy to speak her name.

    Ada Byron Lovelace I was not familiar with, so thank you for sharing. It is always good to remember those that gave gifts to our world through their own curiosity and dedication.

    These are good examples of forward thinkers.

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