‘Tis the season to spend

There is no escaping it!

Black Friday came and went with the usual anticipation, fanfare, injuries and arrests. Christmas is now only weeks away and I know you are checking your lists, buying gifts or complaining. As the pilgrimage begins to the mecca for spenders I want to take us all back to when the trek really began. 

‘Tis the season to spend

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Just before Halloween I popped into my local home decor store and came across an all too common sight of both Halloween and Christmas sharing the floor. There I was between two icons of the seasons a Vampire and Santa Clause.  I couldn’t help but think that both of these guys can suck the life out of me.

I realize it’s not Santa’s fault that his appearance can scare some of us. How was he to know that one day Cindy Lou Who wouldn’t be satisfy with just holding hands around the town Christmas tree. Instead, she would need an iPad, iPhone, Coach handbag, Jimmy Choo shoes and Guess jeans  to feel the joy of the season.

The truth is that we can go back as far as August to know that shoppers are about to hit a four month spending spree.  Keeping up with Joan’s is for many people a year round pursuit but there is no doubt that Back to School, Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day help to further deplete the bank account.

Going back to the vampire in the store, Halloween has also been bitten by the consumer bug.  What is particularly disturbing is watching little children dressed in costumes parade from store to store inside the local mall. Instead of just hitting the streets, parents gleefully bring their little tots up to the counter to have their bags filled with treats.

As we teach our children to be good little consumers don’t be surprised to see in the future a pint-sized gangster demanding gift cards instead of candy or a confused Kangaroo mistakenly reaching into her pouch for a credit card.  So it is, the making of the next big spender.

Prepare for the onslaught of television commercials designed to tell us what we are lacking. Make room in your recycle bin for the excess flyers that stink of ink. Get your pen and paper ready for the subtle and not so subtle hints provided by family. ‘Tis the season to spend my friends!

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