Valued Friendship

Have you ever felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole? Have you had times when you thought, “I must be speaking a foreign language because this person is just not understanding me.” Have you ever just wanted to throw up your hands and say “alright already I will conform to your ideal of who I should be” because it is so much easier than feeling like an alien on your own planet. Well I have, and it is only by the grace of friendship that I got through one of those days just fine.

I had such an interesting experience recently, whereby in one day three of my friends unknownst to each other, all sent powerful messages of friendship to me via email. One friend wrote powerful words celebrating our friendship, words so beautiful that I had tears rolling down my cheeks. One whose words in loving simplicity helped me feel good about “dancing to my own music” and the last friend sent inspired pictures and messages that let me know I was in her thoughts.  In one morning I was showered with reminders how much I value my friends, they truly love me for who I am. None of them knew the day I had been experiencing, but each of them changed it from a negative to a positive.

Valued friendships are cultivated, nurtured over time and we need those relationships. Trapped in our own self importance we provide little to those around us, but with the willingness to open our true self to others we just may gain a friend. My good fortune is that I have a few very great friends in my life and it is times when I am gasping for air that they provide the oxygen.

So, who are those people for you? Speak their name!

The person or person’s that never make you question who you are or why you think the way you do. The friends that hold your heart carefully and understand the moments in which they need to step up on your behalf. Talk to me about the friends that though time can pass and miles may separate you, the conversation picks up as if it never stopped.

For no other reason than possibly that our souls connect, can I explain a day where I was fully supported and made to feel special without seeing any of my dear friends physically in front of me. Friends are to be valued and I value each of mine deeply.

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