Anger at Translink Fare Evasion

Besides inflated salaries of boards of directors and transit police, if there is one thing that repeatedly gets the public up in arms it is the constant inaction by Translink to stop fare evasion. Translink is a regional transit authority with a reputation that has been plummeting due to what many refer to as a lack of common sense. No business in their right mind would allow customers to come in and take their merchandise or services for free but this company does.

I ride the Canada Line on a weekly basis and I have never once been stopped to see if I have purchased a ticket or that the ticket I have in my pocket is even valid. What I do see is a lot of transit employees standing around engaged in chit-chat while we all file through to the train. With no barriers, no checking and no accountability people can simply move throughout the transit system without paying a dime.

What gets me frustrated is when I hear people saying “Transit should be free.” This prompts me to ask, “Who is going to pay for it?” Invariably their solution is that the Government should pay for it. In case any of you don’t know we are the Government – or at least our hard-earned money is what those elected are using to govern on our behalf.

People that say the Government should pay appear to me to be economically illiterate – like the kid who believes money grows on trees. There are those that want free transit, free education and free computers for people living below the poverty line. This idea that Government can keep paying for their wants really angers me, but I digress. Getting back to Translink, it is high time they started with the basics of business. I’m just going to offer a suggestion to this company for strong consideration:

In order to address your multimillion dollar shortfalls, when Joe and Josephine Public comes along to ride for free say, NO CASH, NO SERVICE!


2 Responses to Anger at Translink Fare Evasion

  1. I was checked for my ticket on my bus ride home last night by Transit Security. They handed out at least 1 fine for a freeloader that I saw, and were talking to a few more.

  2. Well, that is great news! Finally evidence that Transit Security actually does their job. Thanks so much for adding your experience with transit to the post. Here’s to more freeloaders being fined.

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