It’s Hard to Buy Concert Tickets

Die hard music fan here with a few comments about how hard it is to buy concert tickets.

Ticket stubsI have been going to concerts for upwards of thirty years and it used to be that when a concert was announced the challenge was getting through on the phone or dealing with a large line up at a ticket location. As frustrating as that was I usually managed to get some pretty awesome seats. Not anymore.

You may have noticed how Ticketmaster and the concert industry has made it even more difficult for the average person to obtain quality seats.

Let me use the example of Fleetwood Mac who are touring in 2014 with the return of their former singing partner Christine McVie. McVie left the band 16 years ago so this reunion will likely add a little extra something to their performance and cause more fans to flock to see the show. Tickets rolled out in this order over the course of seven days:

1. Front of the line American Express Holders

2. VIP Meet and Greet Packages

3. Official Platinum Seats

4. Live Nation Presale

5. Live Nation App Presale

6. Facebook Presale

7. General Public

Guess who will be climbing the stairs towards the nose bleed section? Talk about providing a system that is based on connections and economic status!

They have taken away an even playing field in which anyone can enjoy the pleasure of a seat at a concert of their choice. To see your favourite artist requires you to become part of an elite group. You must sign up for something or connect with someone to get premiere seating in this two-tiered system. (or in this case a seven-tiered system)

As far as I’m concerned this is wrong. There are times when I am compelled to spend a fair chunk of change to see a show but, I am well aware not everyone has that luxury.

Do we really want concerts to become something to which someone must sacrifice their meager earnings in order to attend? Do we want it to be only available to those that make a certain income per month? Shouldn’t art and culture be open to everyone, not just those that hold a particular credit card or some other special perk?

I know this isn’t going to change but I stand alongside many others who find this frustrating.

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