Jamila Bibi – Canada let her down

Canada has fought to free people from torture and tyranny. Canada has opened its doors to people who for one reason or another faced the prospect of death in their home country. Canada allows thousands of people to enter our borders some of which do more to drain the system rather than contribute to it. Yet, a contributing member of society who faces certain violence or death was deported.

Jamila Bibi’s story slipped under our radar until now. Bibi came to Canada in 2007 from Pakistan and gave compelling evidence of harassment and violence after being falsely accused of adultery. We all know what that can mean to a woman in that part of the world. After years of dutifully following our laws, living, working and reporting to the Canada Border Service Agency she now is back in Pakistan hiding out to protect her life.

With all the losers we have kept in this country who threaten our way of life, complain about our laws or simply cheat the system any chance they can get, we had to send this woman back? I, along with many other Canadians are shaking our heads wondering how this happens. Where is our compassion? Where is our leaders with a compelling reason to send a person back to a country known for stoning women. Pakistan, a crazy patriarchal society where women and female children suffer greatly. Ridiculous!

Pakistan kept her down and Canada let her down. Shame on all those who failed to protect this woman.

Contact your MLA or the Prime Minister’s office and tell them what you think!

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