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The one thing I have struggled the most with in this new digital world is my privacy. I am by nature a private person and though I have talked about many issues in this blog I remain cautious about how much is too much. I opened myself up to Facebook only briefly to take a course and quickly realized there was no use for me beyond that point, account closed. I have a Twitter account I forget about constantly because frankly I have far too much on my mind to say to people around me rather than spending time putting out word bites to strangers. LinkedIn was said by many of my colleagues to be the one thing I must participate in, as it is more business related.

LinkedIn stole my contact list. I have heard rumblings of this and even wondered on occasion, how a name showed up? Now, I know for sure. Just the other day LinkedIn emailed its usual Do you know…… and there she was, a private client who I have no dealings with outside of my office and email. They got the name by hijacking my email contacts. I don’t remember giving them permission to do this. I went online only to find pages upon pages of like-minded, angry users complaining about the same things.










This is not a big deal to some, I guess. However, to me and Google pages full of others it is a big deal! This is an invasion of privacy and though I realize that email in itself is not fully private I mistakenly held LinkedIn to a higher standard believing it wouldn’t put its reputation at risk in order to build or sell out its users. We put up with a lot of things from these social media networking sites that we would not appreciate if our local business did the same. The minute we sign on it is gravely apparent that we have signed away a lot of rights that we so stupidly thought we had in society.

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! In case it is not glaringly obvious by now, I AM MAD! I pride myself on doing everything to the letter with my clients. I endeavor to adhere to every code that is expected of me and what I don’t need is some site like LinkedIn or any other breaching the little privacy I or my clients are afforded these days. Those little icons you see at the top of my page, connecting me to social sites will be coming down very soon. I will be detaching my self from the part of the web that binds up my time and captures too much of what is important in my life.

If you want to know what I think, read this blog instead of waiting for me to tweet. If you want to connect with me then email or phone, I’m not on Facebook. If you are wondering about my business or how qualified I am to work with you then I suggest we talk rather than link through LinkedIn. For the record: I’m good at what I do and I was good at it long before the Internet took over. I’m no longer buying that I need to be out there beyond my website. I would rather have my integrity intact than worry about how cool or connected I am to a social world that can’t respect me.

4 Responses to LinkedIn steals your email contacts

  1. I’m sure that Facebook are doing something similar with my LinkedIn contact list. I’m getting Facebook “Do you know…” messages about people who I’ve only ever interacted with over LinkedIn.

  2. Hi Darren: That wouldn’t surprise me now after seeing the frequency of messages from LinkedIn. I guess it comes down to, what do we consider is too much snooping? If Facebook, LinkedIn and others fail to hear their users complaints will that mean a decline in users? I think it is already changing how some people feel about social media? I certainly don’t trust either of them. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I came across your site while doing a quick search due to my frustration with the same issues. I am extremely diligent about privacy settings (you will not see my personal data online) and monitoring those changes and yet both Linkedin and Facebook apparently managed to steal my email contact list. I am now trying to educate friends colleagues and family on the issue.

    All the best,

  4. Thank you Mark for you comment and confirmation that this issue is negatively impacting users of social media. It is a total invasion of privacy. Thank you again for sharing your frustration.

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