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Blog Fatigue

I wish I could say that I feel like writing today but I don’t. There comes a time in every bloggers journey in which they simply don’t have the energy to blog. I’m at that point. I have multiple post ideas running through my head by they will have to wait. Blog fatigue happens.

The brain power it takes to write isn’t always there. Sometimes bloggers take a break to evaluate their reason for blogging and others just simply get too busy to keep up. No matter the reason for distance between posts, I believe when you do write that it has to come from an authentic place. Today I’m authentically saying, I’m not in the mood. However, I appreciate my readers and so I’m sure there will be something in a day or two that will re-ignite my passion for posting a good rant, opinion, advice or life reflection.

A Bloggers Anniversary

It was one year ago when I started blogging.

My initial concern was the exposure to so many people and how to maintain my professional image while dispensing personal opinions. Early on my friend and colleague mentioned about “finding your voice,” as every blogger has their unique style represented in their posts. I’m not sure if I have found “my voice”, I think so…though I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I do know that I have posted less material that would address my professional knowledge as it pertains to careers and concentrated mainly on interests. I admit sometimes I hold back in my posts. In my professional life I’m contemplative, I like to think before I speak. I have a vast amount of information but fall heavily back on my counselling skills to hear the story before providing counsel. My approach is supportive and non-judgmental and I truly assess what is in the best interest of my clients or students.

My blogging and writing is at times all together different!

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Small Wedding with Big Plans

No matter how you cut it even a small wedding takes time to plan.

It has been incredibly hard to find enough hours in the day to work on various projects and then add in oh…..a wedding! Balancing life, work and wedding organization is a challenge, delegating out some key pieces has become necessary. This is something I have always advocated for people to do and it is at that point where I will be taking my own advice. Time is ticking and even my confidence to pull everything together is weakening.  It’s nothing major just that all consuming thought that I am forgetting some crucial detail and staring up at the ceiling at night going over the “to do” list.

Blogging is going to have to slow down right now, so be prepared for smaller posts. If you have topic of interest you think we should talk about let me know. A little dialogue among blog friends would be a healthy retreat. Guest blogger welcomed.

I will of course, when all is said and done, be writing on my wedding experience. Nothing too “girly”, just maybe some information that may be helpful to the 40+ bride and some “Aha!” moments.  So, stay tuned and keep checking back there will be more to come.

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