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My mother says, “Everything changes.” She makes this statement not in a positive way, but instead uses it to point out that something is different and therefore bad. She has always been fearful of change and to be quite honest I may have inherited some of that fear myself. There have been many times when I’ve resisted change in both my personal and work life, but this year I will put that to the test.

We are moving from a home we have lived in for many years and instead of owning we are renting. It has been a long time since we had rented a place to live and in the past, I thought the idea was crazy, but not anymore. I have embraced the change from home ownership to renting for various reasons and here are some good reasons to make that shift:

  1. The timeline for finding another house wasn’t realistic and we didn’t want the pressure to buy.
  2. Somebody else is responsible for maintenance and taxes etc.
  3. We are debt free. If we choose to buy again we can assess exactly what makes sense for our budget and needs.

The next change centers around my work. Though my focus has been on career development I increasingly delved further into Life Management Skills for women who have experienced abuse. It has long been where my heart lies – to support women who’ve survived violence – and now I feel even more drawn to pursue avenues leading in that direction.

Though I can do this in conjunction with career development services where I will do that is about to change. As a contract facilitator and consultant I have worked in various employment service centres. Recently, the government has shaken all that up like a snow globe and now as a picture emerges many of the centres I have known will be closing. This means change as to where and who I will work with. One of the sad parts of all of this is that I will have to say, “Goodbye” to some people I’ve known a long time.

Yet, with all this change I don’t feel the same kind of fear of the unknown that I used to experience. I have done a lot of soul searching as I watched and listened to my mother over the last year. I’ve been drawn to the conclusion that fear of change is debilitating and I’m not willing to let these precious years on earth be tainted by the fact I can’t control the future.

So, I say, Bring it on! With all the support that surrounds me I have a feeling I will be OK.

Turn and face the strange. Ch-ch-changes. ~ David Bowie

The more things change

Recently,the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same” was very apropos. Years can pass by but still in more ways than one, nothing has really changed. It is evident in long standing institutions and in people.

The same attitudes and beliefs that hold an individual back resurface exactly as they have time and time again. Expecting different results but using the exact thinking and speech that has kept them at arms length from so many aspects of life, love and learning. If they go to the right people for support they will be shown the path toward healthy change or better perspective. If they go to the wrong people, all they find is people of like mind who are accustom to the dumping ground for all their own frustration and confusion. Anyone who enjoys the thought of always being right goes there, easier to be around the already converted.

I see this from time to time in myself, friends, family and clients; the struggle for self fulfillment, forward movement and understanding while caught in old thinking. I go to those that have the ability to fully support me, I always get gems of wisdom to work with. When I am with clients I seek to provide the same compassion and genuine support for them. We are much more open to change when treated respectfully.

Institutions can fall squarely in the realm of more things changing but still staying the same. Continuing to talk about ideas and necessary outcomes while employing the same logic that has been messing up the system from the beginning. Small gains by the front line workers are over-shadowed by bureaucratic nonsense. It is no wonder we get frustrated on so many levels when you can see the wheels aren’t moving as fast as they should.

So, where am I going with this deep reflection…no where. Everything is exactly as it is, through your eyes or mine we will see change and interpret it very differently. It only becomes frustrating when you think you have forward progress in personal, world or business situations only to find they still live exactly as they did before. How utterly disappointing!

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