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The gift of friendship

It’s Christmas 2014 and the hustle and bustle surrounds many of us. I have had little time to blog and even less time to keep up on current events.

What I did do this week was take time to have lunch with a couple of my friends. These two women have been in my life for many years and it was so nice to sit and enjoy a meal at a golf course near where they live.

In the middle of such a busy season it is good to slow down just enough to appreciate the real gifts of life which come by way of our friends.



Beach fun and friends

One of the greatest joys of living in a city by the sea is sharing it with friends. Today I did just that with my long time gal pal who is visiting from Colorado. She was born and raised in a suburb of Vancouver but has lived most of her adult life in the United States. One of the things she loves to do when she comes “home” as she calls it, to see family and friends, is to visit the beach.

After spending an afternoon together and evening (in which my husband cooked a fabulous barbecue dinner) we awoke this morning to a fall day fit for beach lovers. With it being warm but having a slight bite in the breeze we brought our windbreaker jackets and began the walk. We have known each other since we were teenagers, seen a lot, done a lot and lived to talk about it. Like all great girlfriends who have geographical distance between them the time can pass between seeing each other but we don’t miss a beat when we talk.

helenWhen we sat for a moment on a bench she took a deep breath and commented about how good that felt to breathe in the ocean air. We watched dogs parade by and herons patiently waiting for something to emerge that would become their meal. The sea gulls played with the wind and people passed by seizing the day as they wish. We took a few pictures of the scenery and each other along with one-handed photos capturing our two heads and funny faces together. (those pics are not included… especially the one with my nostrils seemingly taking center stage) It doesn’t seem to matter how old we get we can’t help but be silly and I love that!

When I think back to the times I have enjoyed my dear friends it has usually been in the most simplistic of settings, often enveloped by mother nature or in a cozy home. The beach has always been a wonderful place to connect on a deep level as the winds carry anything negative away and the walk opens you up to positive energy. What I came away with from today’s adventure was just a sincere sense of gratitude as I feel so incredibly fortunate to share life, love, friendship and laughter this way.

A Reason for Meeting

A conversation I had this morning spurred me on to write this post.

Did you ever meet someone that made me you feel at ease the first time you met them? Have you gone  to a party, dreading the fact that you know hardly anyone there, only to find yourself talking all night long with a person who shares similar interests? Have you met a good friend through a job? Developed a long distance friendship with someone you have never met in person?

All of these are examples of the connections we can make when we aren’t looking. It is not forced, it is a pleasant surprise. These fabulous opportunities are so genuine because there was no agenda attached, no timeline, no expectation. It takes an ordinary day or experience off in a whole different direction.

I believe there is a reason for meeting, it is by no accident that people come together. Their time spent can be fleeting but memorable, or be the beginnings of a long friendship. It could be that there is a message to be heard that can only come through this person and then they are gone. Possibly they are the teacher of  lessons you need to learn or the stepping stone to a dream. Whatever their reasons for coming into your life, it is worth it to be thankful.

One minute, one hour, one day, a lifetime can be turned around just by their introduction or presence. I have met so many exceptional people in the ways I described earlier. Some remain in my life, others made a lasting impact and I’m forever grateful for the time I had with them. I guess my point is:

Savor the moments, they are pure and they are what makes a dull day light up, a smile worth its weight in gold and a voice the most precious sound you will hear. Meaningful connections begin always when we least expect it.

It is by no accident…

Valued Friendship

Have you ever felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole? Have you had times when you thought, “I must be speaking a foreign language because this person is just not understanding me.” Have you ever just wanted to throw up your hands and say “alright already I will conform to your ideal of who I should be” because it is so much easier than feeling like an alien on your own planet. Well I have, and it is only by the grace of friendship that I got through one of those days just fine.

I had such an interesting experience recently, whereby in one day three of my friends unknownst to each other, all sent powerful messages of friendship to me via email. One friend wrote powerful words celebrating our friendship, words so beautiful that I had tears rolling down my cheeks. One whose words in loving simplicity helped me feel good about “dancing to my own music” and the last friend sent inspired pictures and messages that let me know I was in her thoughts.  In one morning I was showered with reminders how much I value my friends, they truly love me for who I am. None of them knew the day I had been experiencing, but each of them changed it from a negative to a positive.

Valued friendships are cultivated, nurtured over time and we need those relationships. Trapped in our own self importance we provide little to those around us, but with the willingness to open our true self to others we just may gain a friend. My good fortune is that I have a few very great friends in my life and it is times when I am gasping for air that they provide the oxygen.

So, who are those people for you? Speak their name!

The person or person’s that never make you question who you are or why you think the way you do. The friends that hold your heart carefully and understand the moments in which they need to step up on your behalf. Talk to me about the friends that though time can pass and miles may separate you, the conversation picks up as if it never stopped.

For no other reason than possibly that our souls connect, can I explain a day where I was fully supported and made to feel special without seeing any of my dear friends physically in front of me. Friends are to be valued and I value each of mine deeply.

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