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Work Terms No Longer Used

A long time ago there used to be a thing called the end of the work day. It was such a treat to look at your watch and see the shift was almost over. Happily you could walk off the job knowing you were finished and the hours ahead were now all yours. Ahhhh, remember those days?

People would say:

“I’m off the clock.”

“I’ve punched out.”

“I’m on my free time.”

“It’s after hours.”

“I’m off for the day, I will see you tomorrow.”

Now the only time you are off the clock is when you are hiding in a remote area of the planet with no possible way of communicating with anyone that has a title like President, CEO, Manager, Client or Enforcer.

a businesswoman in day and night

In business there is no chance of after hours, least not in the good sense of the term. It’s hard to establish the end of the day when everyone can find, text, phone or email you.

Just as there are words that become obsolete in the dictionary so to will be terms like off work. Youth will look at us strangely as we regale them with the memories of days when we came home, took off our shoes and coats with one goal in mind and that was to leave our job behind us.

I know, it’s crazy talk! Who in their right mind would want to stop working after putting in their paid hours?



Mrs. Claus’s Influence

As many of my readers know I have continued to feature Women of Influence, this month is no exception. I have compiled a short biography on Mrs. Claus and introduced you to a woman, Katharine Lee Bates who is credited with bringing this “character ” to life through a poem entitled Goody Santa Claus on a sleigh ride.

As many of you can attest, we have seen her! She does exist and we still believe she lives happily with Santa Claus in the North Pole.


Feel free to check out both Katharine Lee Bates and Mrs. Claus on my Women of Influence page.

Large Spider Small Shoe

This morning a large spider, the largest I have ever seen, thought it was a good idea to hang out in my bathroom sink. Upon going to wash my hands he and I met. It wasn’t a good meeting as I backed slowly out of the room to contemplate how he was going to die.

Now, I’m normally the type of person who attempts to set even flies free if possible, it’s just too hard to watch them continuously bang up against the window seeking their freedom. However, I have a different policy for spiders, if they remain outside the home they live, if they trespass on the inside I invoke a US type state law with the right to bear arms and protect myself and property.

It was clear he was too big to flush down the drain, and he would have survived being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. So, the only option remained the time honored approach of death by shoe. I looked at the available shoes, one size 11 runner…won’t fit in the sink. One nice brown strappy pump…not willing to sacrifice my pretty shoe. There it was – the small flip flop. Cleans off easily and will fit in sink.

I approached my sink cautiously, took a deep breath and then splat! A sound I will not describe in depth let me know I had succeeded. Still too big to wash down I proceeded with a big mound of paper towel and gathered up his lifeless body to be taken to his new burial in the outside garbage can.

My heart pounding, I felt no remorse. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do to survive comfortably in our home. My Epipen was upstairs and I was with the enemy on the downstairs, large spider met small shoe and I’m perfectly OK with that outcome.

Boating for Two Dummies

Look out ocean here we come!

Well, sort of, maybe, sometime soon I’m sure, least I think so. For three months my husband and I have been researching boats and I’m hoping we are nearing the end of our research mission. I started out somewhat reluctantly entertaining this idea but have since come around to its benefits. It is well worth the time we have taken, as there is much to know and many people/boats to see. Everyone has an opinion; what styles they like, the best motors, maintenance issues, mooring, features that are for enjoyment, those that are necessities. It is all so mind boggling!

I discovered that I am claustrophobic and couldn’t be on a boat that would have us doing the majority of our cooking, eating and sleeping down inside a cabin. I’m not one for being relegated to the dungeon anywhere especially when I haven’t done anything wrong…lately. Instead, the most suitable style allows us to see outside just fine while sitting comfortably in the cabin.  To me,  it feels like a small motor home and I can deal with that just fine.

My top five motivations for becoming boaters are:

1. We get to spend time together seeing areas of our beautiful coast, not previously available to us via land.

2. I get to camp again, which I have been missing desperately for over eight years.

3. There will be no TV or computer taking up valuable time. The only technology will be boat related.

4. You meet other passionate boaters who make the whole experience seem that much greater.

5. Intimacy…alone just the two of us… relax, enjoy, eat, drink, be merry, and oh yeah, I’m bringing a whole bunch of board games. (Friends are welcome on occasion too, of course)

We have saved up money, have a budget, bought the books: Boating Handbook, Power Boating for Dummies, Anchoring and 2009 Ports and Passes – Tides, Currents & Charts. We are about to take the appropriate courses, and have been on and off so many now I think we are nearing a decision. I will be wearing my life jacket, adhering to boater safety, bringing my binoculars and scoping out the best destinations. Oh, the excitement builds!

I sure hope I don’t get sea sickness! I have never been a good traveller, humm?


Blogging on Good Friday

I thought I might go out and get some flowers, go to the library, check out the local garden shop for some spring plants. Then I remembered it was Good Friday and wondered allowed “what if I get out of my track pants for nothing, what if the stores are closed?”

Should this be a day off? Should I be blogging today? Was it bad that I did laundry? Is there something I’m supposed to do, or not do on this day? I’m confused.

Some people have the day off, others do not. Some stores are open, some are not. Like most days of observance, I’m having troubles determining what to expect out there. As a result of my indecision and lack of knowledge about the protocol for such a day, I chose instead to remain in my home and observe nothing but a good book, my husband who is battling a flu and a fire both of us have been trying to get going for oh…two hours now.

When we did open up our fireplace to load in the paper and wood we came upon a very large, and I mean large, bee. I was prepared to get out my vacuum cleaner and suck it up, (is that bad to do on Good Friday… vacuuming?) but then my husband, thinking sanely, felt we should capture it and set it free. I got the glass and cardboard and that is what we did.

I feel better about that,  as my first response was out of panic. I’m normally even setting flies free. I hate to see them crashing constantly up against the window trying to find their way back out.  Getting back to my story, our freeing of the bee must count for something right? That has to be in the spirit of something, we saved a life!


Accounting Day from Hell

I have just come to the end of my day from hell!

Stuck in my office on a beautiful sunny day, getting together all that my accountant needs to file my taxes. This sucks! I look out of my office window to watch the walkers and cyclists doing healthy things, while I have minor little breakdowns pouring through my files.

Usually I’m more together than this, but for some reason this year I decided to adopt the procrastinators way of thinking. “I’ll do it next week”…”OK, next week, I’ll do it”…”OK all ready, I will get it done!” I thought of the speech I give to my students on how bad procrastination is and then I realized I too have been lured into its evil domain.

Tomorrow, I will hand these files happily over to my trusted accountant; feeling completely comfortable with the thought that it will be one year from now that I may face yet another day from hell. Of course, I will be far more organized, I really think I learned my lesson this time.


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