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YOLO! Get back into the workforce with a job you love!

As far as we know we only live once so why not have a job you love!

I really believe that is possible. I also believe that the job you love can come into your life the minute you change the way you think about work in general. Depending on how we were raised and what we have seen around us there can be preconceived notions about the act of working. Some of us grow up with a sense that work is good and some of us see only the struggles that came from working. It is important to put everything aside and go deeper into the moments when you felt great about being a human doing. 

Imagine for a moment that you come home from work everyday with a true sense of accomplishment, how would that feel? Imagine that you work along side people who have similar interests and goals as you do, how much easier would your day be? Imagine that your greatest talents are being used and appreciated, would you feel honored? How amazing would it be to wake up and know that today is the day you don’t pose the question “Why am I even getting out of bed?” Instead, you awake to find yourself excited that you will give, learn and earn through a job you love.

So, how does this happen? It happens when you take steps to change the way you see yourself and what you do everyday. Take a moment to think about an activity that brings you joy. Get clear about it and keep it really simple. For example: If it is doing crafts then think about what makes it so special. Streamline your thoughts right down to the tools you use and how you approach each craft? Where do you draw your inspiration? Are you highly organized? Do you like peace and quiet while creating or are you energized through music? Think about the outcomes from your projects. Who benefits? Do you sell, share, gift or display your creations? What value does it bring to you and/or others?

Within each thought is a morsel of information that brings the job puzzle together. Revealed with each piece is the skills you love to use, the atmosphere you would prefer to work in, what you hope comes from your work and the answer to who if anyone is around you while you are working… and so much more. It is not to say that crafting itself is going to be that job but there are ways to extract valuable things from your experience that could prove helpful in opening new doors.

All of my clients have had one common goal and that is to love what they do. None of us want to be stuck in a rut and so it behooves us all to reflect on what we know for sure. We can’t predict the future but we can see trends and we can also open up our world to a myriad of people who can help us get where we need to go. Loving what you do makes a huge difference not only to yourself but everyone around you. If this really is the only life you get, what job would have the words L O V E attached to it?

If you don’t know the answer then we need to talk.

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Educational Upgrading

Unemployed or under-employed this is a time when some people may consider using their time and limited dollars towards educational upgrading. In a competitive job market this may seem like a logical step, but before you take that leap there are a few things I would like to share.

Many clients have sat in front of me placing their head in their hands after spending money on an education that did not yield the desired employment. Though the problem could be from a lack of proper job search, it also may be that they did not ask the right questions before heading back to school.

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