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Canada’s New Prositution Law: Operating in the dark

There is no light strong enough to pierce the darkness of something that thrives on the death of dignity and respect.

A new prostitution law, Bill C-36, has come to pass which will criminalize the purchase of sex but decriminalize the selling. Other necessary measures for child and community protection are built into the law but as of December 6th, 2014 Canada embarks on a new path.

Like anything there is always a backlash and this time it comes from Toronto Councillors who have asked local police not to uphold the law. Member of Parliament, Joy Smith, has written an op-ed in the Huffington Post outlining how appalled she is with their actions.


In Ms. Smith’s post there are links to studies that concluded that legalization of prostitution in other countries did not protect women and children. However, despite facts such as these we find ourselves with Councillors and a flurry of media outlets focusing their efforts on perpetuating myths like:

* Prostitution is a ‘profession’ that can keep its workers safe if it is out in the open

* Is not exploitative in nature and for the majority is an empowered choice

Hope for Sold has covered the topic of human sex trafficking and traveled extensively to document what is really happening with prostitution and its relationship to trafficking. Their latest blog ENSURING THE SUCCESS OF CANADA’S PROSTITUTION LAW begins the conversation about how this law is not enough and that we must look at the issue of sexual exploitation in more depth.

Depth on any topic these days is hard to find as most people tend to seek out that which already supports their position. I’ve tried to listen to those that want prostitution to be legal and those that oppose based on mostly religious grounds. I support neither. It doesn’t surprise me that the new law will be controversial or that the media will find sex workers who claim it will hurt them. The voices of those most harmed by this trade will always remain hidden from our view.

To me, prostitution operates in the dark with or without legalization. It survives based on the secrecy of its users who risks losing or endangering loved ones through their behaviour and the secrecy of individuals or gangs that profit from its existence. There is no light strong enough to pierce the darkness of something that thrives on the death of dignity and respect.


Supreme Court Rules Prostitution Laws Unconstitutional – Crazy!

This something I didn’t think I would be talking about as we near Christmas and come to the end of 2013 but here begins my commentary and rant!

So there it is, a new low, a whole new level of crazy has been witnessed as Canada begins to welcome within our communities legalized prostitution. How did this happen? Well, boys and girls, let me give you a small lesson.

In our country we like to make sweeping changes that affect a vast majority of people based on the complaints lodged by a minority. In this case the minority was three prostitutes and a small entourage of people who clearly have not studied the colossal failure of legalization in countries who have tried it in the past. Learning from their mistakes apparently is not what we do. Instead, we choose to claim victory as we open up the market even further for men to buy women and children. Why would I say children? Because at the end of the day in all of the countries that tried legalization law enforcement had difficulty protecting anyone – due to the influx of workers needed to meet the demand of buyers. Human trafficking of women and children exploded and organized crime reaped the benefits.

This so-called occupation has never been able to curb connections with crime, maintain the safety of its workers or protect workers from disease. (as remember Johns are not required to be checked) No matter what was implemented no country has been able to protect the most vulnerable because at the end of the day the people who buy women really don’t care about their well-being. Killers still find ways to kill, drug addicted prostitutes still find themselves living and working outside of protection, men who batter women will still beat them up, pimps will still control large sections of the trade and inside their own homes or in brothels sex workers will still be at risk from any number of threats.

The buying of human beings is what should be unconstitutional, period!

Please understand that sex slavery overwhelmingly exists in areas where governments and society seemingly accept the sex trade. As a result sex tourism boomed and brothels became full of workers and customers. Venture into that world beyond the fake smiles and tell me if you see chaos or control, empowerment or exploitation.

Slavery by definition:

slavery [?sle?v?r?]


1. (Law) the state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp in being forced into work
3. the condition of being subject to some influence or habit
4. (Business / Industrial Relations & HR Terms) work done in harsh conditions for low pay

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

If you are delusional enough to think legalization of prostitution will somehow change the realities of what it means to be a prostituted woman or child, then I feel you need to talk to the over 92% of sex workers who stated they want out instead of listening to the less than 10% who claim they are speaking on their behalf.

Please go to the following links:

Hope for the sold and download a petition:

Hope for the sold

Read Margaret Wente’s Column:

Legalize Prostitution? Are We Nuts?


Destination Sex

Vegas! the lights, the hotels, the shows; just ignore the rest of its notorious history. “Prostitution, gambling, and anything else your heart desires, made to measure in Vegas baby!  Check out the brothels: The women are beautiful and they love what they do, (or else they wouldn’t be there) it’s a pleasure dome, bring your money!”

“81 percent of women working in the legal brothels of Nevada would like to escape it“, does that sound like women who like what they are doing? This information was based on research interviews of the women in legal brothels. (Go to nevadacoalition.org and the book Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections.)

More emphasis seems to be placed on the attraction to buying and selling women in some counties within the state of Nevada, then deterring the exploitation. Though it must be said that prostitution is not legal in the county in which Las Vegas resides, it certainly seems the reputation precludes the reality.

For those that work with women within the industry itself, there may be a different perception than the glitz and glamorous lifestyle one may be lead to believe exists. Many women victimized by the industry have indicated a need for safe passage out, that does not jeopardize their life or their family, along with retraining, education and psychological and/or addiction counselling. But why invest in that, when each county is receiving a hefty tax base from the selling of women’s bodies. On top of that, is the underground sex market. Vegas was declared a major center for the sex trafficking of minors, now that is a whole other can of worms.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas“. No, it does not. Thailand, Amsterdam, and many more destinations for sex tourism, circle our globe dealing in the same philosophy and misogyny. In fact here in Vancouver, sex trafficking and exploitation is also a problem and will become even more so in the time leading up to the 2010 Olympics. Prostitution is not legal in Vancouver, but along with it are the strip clubs, porn establishments and massage parlors, embedded just like any other large city. I guess the only difference between Vancouver and its known under-current of depravity is that Vegas advertises their sin city. I’m not sure that most of us are too happy about contributing to prostitution, exploitation and organized crime in our own neighbourhoods, but apparently for some it is nice to go partake in another community.

You see, I’m not interested in lining the pockets of people, towns or establishments that knowingly participate in the buying and selling of humans. A woman or child’s body is not for sale in my books, it is to be cherished in the same way I cherish mine. Whether you want to believe that the smiles and propaganda that is perpetuated is true, and that any human would “choose” to be three holes for penetration, or dance nude because they couldn’t dream of being anything else, is up to you. The girl or woman performing any act on the street, stage or screen is just as faceless; and those that pay, care not how she got there or what or whom is keeping her there.

I also refuse to not link what happens in areas such as Vegas, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Vancouver or any place in the world, to a growing profitable business of human trafficking. They are linked to this despicable act against human souls along with the social apathy and politics that keeps it prevalent. Unlike drugs, one human body can be sold over and over again, it is a resource that keeps on giving. Until it no longer is profitable, then it is expendable like any trash.

Sometimes it may be hard to tell that we are walking into an establishment that is linked to crime or profits from the sale of women or children. However, I think it is safe to assume that any place that offers a woman’s body for consumption, or any town or country that advertises itself as a destination for such, isn’t hiding who is buttering their bread.

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