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Voting Hangover

I think I’m suffering a hangover but I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol.

It was voting day yesterday and we showed up at our local hall to exercise our freedom to do just that. I literally stood in the booth debating which way to go, do I tick off my party or tick off the party who had a slightly better chance of beating the existing government. Then I remembered where I lived….I knew right then it really doesn’t matter… just vote for the party I believe in, at least I can stay true to myself.

The plug your nose and vote thing doesn’t work for me, throwing my vote doesn’t inspire me and always being on the losing team is even less exciting. Voting just isn’t very fun! Sure I’m grateful for my right to vote but I still feel deflated.

So here is where my thinking is today:

* My party has to get out there and make their voices heard. They need better public relations skills and frankly speak louder not just on one issue but on their full platform.

* The candidates have to get us apathetic voters more engaged. Use technology, show up where the masses hang out and not just at election time. Stop talking about the same stuff, I get bored easily I need more information. Don’t be negative, it just doesn’t go over well in a society where “everyone is a winner” (even though they are not) and where bullying is a big “no no!”

Besides people like me who are just sick of knowing the end of the story before it begins, there are all those out there who have been raised to focus on themselves. No connection to the past, too busy to focus fully on the present and are quite willing to leave it up to others to dictate how the future will be.

I think young people don’t vote because the candidates did not produce a decent video game or failed to ask to be their friends on various social networking sites. Think about it twenty somethings might as well be more like teenagers, the only difference between the twenty – thirty range is they have a job. (or most of them do, some still have their parents flipping the bill)

So, if you want to get more voters next time join the social networking world…let people vote via their laptop or text in. If it works for American/Canadian Idol it should work for Provincial elections!


Talk Tuesday!

There is so much rolling around in my head today I have to break it all down into news bites.

In a previous post I wrote about the arrest and imprisonment of Roxana Saberi. Thankfully she has been released after spending four months in an Iranian jail, reunited with her parents and returning to the US. Humanitarian activism and political pressure made this possible as there were many high profile people advocating on her behalf and keeping her plight in the spotlight.  Hopefully this signifies a small step in the reform of policies that have made freedom of speech difficult and aids in the current attempts to build relations between the US, Iran and other nations.

In our neck of the woods, die hard Canuck fans are in the midst of a somber day of mourning. Yes, the fever pitch of excitement that was felt every week leading up to and including the playoff has come to a crashing halt. The golf clubs will be coming out, players will return back to their homes and we await the news of who will be part of the team next year and how much it is going to cost. Though some fans insist on the blame game, I for one could not pin the loss on any one player.  I do think our fans can be both passionate and ignorant, with riots in our history over small and large wins I guess we can all breath a sigh of relief that no damage will be caused in the near future. So, we await next season to begin again our weekly cheering for our Vancouver Canucks, the overblown anthem singer, the Hockey Night in Canada theme song and Don Cherry’s colourful suits/commentary. All will be right with the world.

Lastly, it is our Provincial voting day. What can I say there? We essentially have lack of real choice and the strong likelihood of our dictator resuming his position. We can look forward to another term of implementations without proper consultation, secretive deals, no opportunity for debates and further environmental and social destruction. Now differing to my inner optimist, when this day closes I hope for a surprise in the votes that adds more voices to the mix, strong candidates that can stand up to Dictator Campbell and electoral reform. If my vote doesn’t count this year hopefully it will the next go around.

That is all the news for this Talk Tuesday.

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