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Say No! campaign continues

Another week to raise awareness about UNIFEM’s Say No – Unite End Violence Against Women.

As many readers may know I have agreed to use my site as a vehicle to spread the message about this campaign. I encourage you all to contribute by adding your name along with 5 million others to let  Governments know we want change…support initiatives that help to end violence against women.

Sign your name – take action

Changing the life of one woman who has experienced violence, or who lives with the threat of violence, is so important. A woman who can be educated, walk and talk freely, work or start a business can provide not only for herself but contributes to her family, community and indeed elevates her country. Listen to the efforts made by the Ngara Girls High School, supported by UNIFEM, it empowers girls in an unique way. Their voices are strong, beautiful examples how positive a school can be in preparing the next generation beyond reading, writing and math.

Ngara Girls High School

These young women already know what it is like to grow up with violence, not random but targeted. Women around this world understand abuse, exploitation, captivity, slavery, segregation, rape and mutilation. This is not a women’s issue. In actuality it is men’s issues, a human issue, so it is ever more important to involve not only girls and young women in the process of change in thinking, but also boys and young men. I encourage all mothers out there to keep that in mind and equally encourage all men to think deeply about the messages they have received about women and how that affects their own relationships and society. Here is Nicole Kidman speaking on what she tells her own children about violence against women.

Nicole Kidman on what she tells her children about VAW

Please do your part to change long standing views and policies; make individuals and Governments accountable. Violence against women may never be eradicated. There will always be those that are so weak they can only choose violence as a means to feel the power they lack, as false of a power that may be. However, being a part of the movement to end it, is far better than hoping someone else will stand up for the rights and dignity that we would wish for ourselves and our own children. Violence against women is impacting you whether you see it or not and we are paying for it, I can assure you.

Again take a look at this campaign and do what you can, even if it is to talk to your children about the great work that is being done to help. Thank you.

Nicole Kidman – how can you get involved?

Say NO – Unite

Welcome Message from Nicole Kidman

UNIFEM – United Nations Development Fund for Women, has launched a worldwide campaign aimed at getting men and women to take action to end violence against women. I was introduced to this organization quite awhile ago and have supported and followed their efforts ever since. Those of us with blogs and sites were asked to use this medium to promote their latest campaign and I did not hesitate to sign on.

UNIFEM is dedicated to the advancement of women and providing financial and technical assistance to programs that support women worldwide. There are many partnerships involved to make this happen; from the local grass routes to various high level organizations, participants and governments, who are taking on a  loftier goal of ending violence against women. Foreign Ministers and Prime Ministers have added their names to the cause but we all know that is not enough.

We the public have to be the change we want to see. In large and small ways we can make a difference and I encourage you to add your name to this campaign and offer assistance in anyway you can. It will be easy to read this and pass over the opportunity to participate, I know, but I want you to consider a different course of action.

Raising money for UNIFEM is a real action and so is going to the link and signing petitions. Whatever you choose to do it can only help.


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